repiercing my navel

  1. So i got my belly button pierced when i was 16, i thought it was the most excruciating pain i've been through in my life! I've had the piercing for over 4 years and i always told myself that if it ever falls out i would never go through that pain again, but i loved how it looked. About 6 months ago i had to remove my piercing for a surgery and the doctor said i cannot put it back in for 3 months, i was so sad cause i loved it so much. I was praying that since i've had it in for so long it wouldnt grow over but it did. I was just gonna let it heal and hopefully the scar will go away, but no it still looks like a big hole. My friend who also had her piercing the same time as I, her ring fell out and she just didnt bother putting another one in and it healed really fast and now looks just like a black dot. I hate the way mine looks so i wanna repierce it. Do you think it would hurt more? Or what can i do to help with the pain this time? TIA :s
  2. I am not sure with naval piercings but I think with other piercings you aren't allowed to re pierce it in the same spot?? What kind of place was it where you got your first naval piercing??
  3. You might want to consult a piercer with your questions. I'm not sure if it will hurt more or less, the scar tissue might cause it to be a little numb. I had mine pierced 5 years ago and it didn't hurt at all, I also left it out for about a month last summer and it thankfully didn't close up at all.
  4. I have had mine pierced three times. They did not pierce in the same spot. Each time is was just a little off of the previous scar tissue. My scars have lightened over the years and now they are hardly noticable at all. For me, naval piercing never has hurt, but it is so different for everyone. Before you get it pierced, take some motrin to ease the swelling afterwards.
  5. If there is still a hole, I'd just go with a smaller gauged ring.
  6. My friend repierced her belly button 2 or 3 times i forget. All i know is peircing scar tissue is painful and thing is if you peirce the same spot and it snags on ur clothing, the scar tissue will get thinner and thinner. The pain only last a few minutes.
  7. mine didnt hurt, mine has fallen out before, and mine was fine a couple weeks later when i put a new one in... i dont know anybody who has had theirs redone before..
  8. owwwww. I have mine done and it hurt so much to get it that I know that if it ever closed up I would never, ever get it re-pierced! the thought alone is making me wince! I forget that I even have mine at this point but I refuse to take it out until I am absolutely certain that I wont regret it, since I will never get it done again!
  9. I didn't feel my first navel piercing at all. The second time I did not feel the needle going in but did feel it coming out and though it did hurt quite a bit, it was over in about 3 seconds. I've since had to take that one out as well as my body just doesn't seem to want to accept foreign objects. I now have a dark scar on my navel.
  10. I got my pierced about 8 years ago, and it hurt like the dickens, BUT, if for some reason I had to take it out for a long period of time and it grew up, I would absolutely go through it again. I love having it pierced!!