Repetto flats 50% off

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  1. Oh thank you!
    Do you know how the store lists their sizes? For example if I order an 8, would I receive a 38 or a 39?
  2. the prices are back to original :shucks:
  3. this literally ended while I was putting the shoes in my cart just now. argh.
  4. I don't understand why my order for a pair of Repettos was cancelled as out of stock but now they are on the website for full price.
  5. did you order anything else other than the Repettos? Did it ship?
  6. i ordered shoes that are also now back at the regular retail price.

    i ordered them on friday night, i think, and have yet to get the infamous cancellation email.
  7. Yes, I ordered another pair of Repettos and some Ray Bans. I have no idea if they shipped because I haven't received a tracking number. Does anyone know if Plaza Too usually sends an email when they ship your item with a tracking number?
  8. Same here...and they were shown as gone after I ordered...very sketchy:shrugs: