Repetitive strain injury (RSI) Help!!!

  1. Hi There,

    apologies for my english :shame:

    i work with computers 8 hours a day (40 hours per week) because of i been sufering of RSI (on and off) but since last month it got worse, my hand,wrist and fingers are hurting to much.. im so scared just thinking that i have to stop working for a while.. :crybaby: now i take brakes every hour, my work installed workpace on my computer, i got a new chair, but the pain still there...
    next week i will do 6 setions of Acupuncture, hopefully it will work.. if this dosent help i will go to physiotheraphy.. :amazed:

    any advice will be apreciated!!!!!

    thank you guys!
  2. That's terrible! I hope it gets better!

    I know that my teacher and my grandma had arthritis, and one of the things they would do is use the mouses that are cordless and wear these gloves and then stick little heat packs in them whenever their hands hurt.

    I hope that the acupuncture works!
    Maybe a manicure might help too:P