Repeat H offender!

  1. Okay, how many of you girls have repeats? What IS a repeat?

    Or is it perfectly okay to start building up a real niche of something, say, browns, red, blacks, neutrals...? I'm in love with something right now, but it's a very similiar colour to something I already have. What to do, what to do...

    Pictures wouldn't hurt, either :graucho:
  2. I think that we're naturally drawn to certain colors/textures/styles. I probably own 30 shades of brown eye shadow. What can I say? I love brown.
  3. I do it all the time with clothes, either I buy lots of stuff in the same colors (I'm big on grey and navy, myself) or I'll buy the same style in more than one color. And I have a visual job and I find that I tend to gravitate towards the same color combinations when I have to choose.
  4. I bought 2 of the same scarves in different colours. Jardin Hivers in pink and black. Anyway don't worry, if you buy a similar bag you could probably tell your DH it's the same one and he'll never notice!
  5. I confess......I have four bags in Rouge H. A chamonix Dalvy, box constance, clemence birkin and mini box kelly. They are really very different from one another, so I have no problems owning all 4.

    In fact, I think Allaboutbags have at least 6 to 8 bags in Rouge H. spill.....what exactly do you have in mind?
  6. I used to buy a lot of brightly colored tops in various shades of pink, and then I realized that I much prefer to wear neutrals and carry the colors, and have since adjusted fire. So if I am dressed in shades of brown, black, grey, white...and carrying, say, a raisin bag or a rose shocking bag, I will ALWAYS feel and look fab. I can easily see myself buying many things in raisin (you all probably have learned that already). But other colors I could add to the mix to add some fun to my clothing would be rose shocking, turquoise (and any variant thereof), and rouge H.
  7. Oh -- I forgot that I did that, too! I actually only have three scarves. One is a plisse but the two regular ones are the same pattern :shame:
  8. Jeez, I do this all the time!
    I have a million pairs of jeans (some exactly the same) and tons of jeans.
    I am trying very hard to diversify my H collection though because they are so expensive.
    I do have a raisin kelly and hope to have a raisin birkin. Is that too close? I wouldn't mind a raisin picotin as well!:smile:
    I am also trying right now not to buy a gold birkin with gh (I have one with ph)...but maybe will get a gold kelly with ghw...
  9. I do black.

    its my neutral. basically all my winter dresses, etc are all black!
  10. LMAO......I SAY GO FOR IT!!!! :roflmfao::roflmfao:
  11. Well, I have two "Belles du Mexique" cashmere shawls - one in cream/taupe and the other in Bronze......

    Numerous black bags - two Black Birkins, black Kelly, black Kelly Elan, black Plume Elan, black GP.....could easily do more...

    Stacks of A-G jeans (all the same brand....PERFECT fit)

  12. I have two jungle love scarves as well...
  13. .....and I forgot all my leather jackets......can't stop buying them!!!!
  14. i do black and white my whole wardrobe is 60% black 45 %white and the rest colorful shades of gray lol
    i go all out (some say on the border of gaudyness) with bagcolors and jewels

    edit: i am also mad about cashmere (good fabrics in general), leatherjackets and fur
  15. Candace, I'm shocked that you say go for all raisin! :smile:
    S'mom, me too, forgot to mention that I have about 20 leather jackets...mostly black!