Repeat C-section - mamas with experience?

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  1. I had Millie 2 years ago via unplanned c section... my amniotic fluid was so low they needed to get her out ASAP. I was hopeful for a VBAC but it’s not going to happen so I’m having a planned repeat c-section this coming Thursday, Jan 3rd!!

    I felt terrible after my c-section with Millie. Part was because I felt so ill prepared (plan was an Unmedicated natural birth) and the other part was the meds didn’t sit well with me plus the pain after! I’m planning to talk to the anesthesiologist about the meds, but wanted to hear from other moms who had more than 1 c section.

    I’m nervous about having a needy mommy obsessed toddler at home who I can’t lift anymore too! Plus I’m still nursing Millie and we’ll have to figure that out too.

    So other mamas with repeat c sections- was your subsequent c section easier?!
  2. I've had 3 C-sections and they were all very different. I feel my 1st one was the most difficult because I attempted a normal delivery. During my 1st pregnancy I gained over 70s and was only moderately active. In my 2nd pregnancy I made more of an effort to eat healthy and gained 42 lbs. I also anticipated the difficulty in healing so I knew how to coordinate with my family to make things easier for me i.e. meals, the way furniture was arranged, etc.

    My 3rd C-Section was the easiest and it's because the hospital and staff that tended to me were excellent. So much so I felt sad that I didn't get that level of care with my previous experiences. But it's okay, I'm grateful it happened.

    I'm sure everything will be fine. Make sure you get lots of help, schedule playdates to keep your other little one occupied and try to remember the little things that can make things easier this time around - I didn't purchase a tight abdomen support band the first and second time around. I did get one the 3rd time and it helped me so much in being able to walk and heal faster.
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  3. Megs, my experience was a while ago but I will tell you that my second c-section was much easier than the first because I knew what to expect. You will have that benefit, too. Plus you are already skilled at caring for a baby, so you will not have that to contend with.
    I'm sorry that I can't offer any advice on nursing two babies at once as I bottle fed mine.
    You will definitely need help with lifting Millie. I was fortunate to have family helping me. Please don't try to do this on your own. Heed your OB's instructions to the letter! In no time at all you will be back to normal and you will be an active, happy family. Having a second baby is not nearly as hard as having your first. And it's great that you're having your children close together-they will grow up together and share life experiences around the same time. Best of luck to you all!
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  4. When I was planning my VBAC I read a lot about repeat CS in forums and a lot of moms said the planned CS the 2nd time around was easier because you didn't go through labor and you weren't exhausted.

    I wish you luck tomorrow and healthy and safe delivery!
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  5. I have never had a c-section myself but I have worked in L&D for 5years. You will get pain medication that will help after the section but you will still feel some pulling discomfort while it is wearing off after the surgery. Make sure you ask your nurses in recovery for pain medication sooner rather than later and take something around the clock. Don’t be afraid to take something! I hope you have a great delivery and speedy recovery :smile:
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  6. Wishing you all the best and please keep us posted on how you and the baby are doing. I’m shooting for a vbac in April/ May but doc isn’t too sure it will happen so I’m really curious to hear people’s experiences.
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    I just had my second son a few weeks ago. I had also planned for a VBAC, but, he had been measuring large (he wasn't) and the doctors at my new practice were a mixed bag of supportive and scare mongering. I figured I'd schedule the CS, but, far enough out to also allow for time to go in to labor naturally.

    Long story short, I wound up having a repeat c-section after a 12 hour VBAC attempt. Even still, the experience was night and day with the repeat. I had a better staff with the second, but, more importantly, I advocated for myself. I knew what was coming and could anticipate. With my first son, I refused holding him because I was shaking so badly. My horrible experience basically was a domino effect from that point on. This time, I asked for towels and refused the Demerol they gave me with my first when I started shaking. I demanded to hold my son right after birth and they put him on my chest seconds after he came out and there were no shakes as I was nicely ensconced in warm towels.

    I think one of the most important parts was knowing that I would be "me" after all was said and done. With my first c-section, it was also my first surgery. On top of everything else that had happened, I felt physically compromised by the fact that I had been cut open. This time, I was able to just go "Eh... thats reality now." Amazing how we adapt and cope with things after time!

    I still try not to lift my almost 3 year old son, basically because I'm a worry wart and he's 30 pounds of slugmeat who likes to be dead weight without holding on to me with his arms. As a matter of fact, my husband is going away next week for work and my mother in law is going to stay with us for a few days. As others have said, if you can have people help out that is a huge difference for both stress and recovery!

    Good luck with your birthing experience and remember that you are in charge!

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  8. My first delivery was an emergency c-section. Baby was in distress, amniotic fluid was low and the heartbeat was below 60 and dropping. Got as low as 30 before the birth. Super scary and 35 weeks along. I had a spinal block for the c-section and bounced back really fast. Baby was just fine and didn't need to stay in NICU. I had a WONDERFUL doctor that gave me pain meds as needed. (Vicodin taken with Ibuprofen was what she instructed me to take.) I was devastated to have a c-section. I'd wanted a natural delivery, but what can you do?

    Second baby's delivery 2-ish years later was more normal, although she was also early by 3 weeks, she wasn't in distress, I was. My body just wanted to go into labor so they took her early. For some reason everyone talked as if if I dilated at all, I'd be at risk of being close to death due to the previous c-section. I had an epidural with that one and it was markedly different. I'd been on bed rest due to going into early labor at 27 weeks, so that may have been a factor. I had a really bad headache that lasted almost a full week after delivering. The doctor said was from the epidural. I had a different OB since we'd moved away and the quality of care was far different. This doctor was not generous with the pain meds and I suffered badly. I also ripped my incision open 3 weeks after delivering by stepping over a baby gate that was blocking the dog and had to deal with that. Nothing was done btw, doctor said to just keep it clean and it would heal itself. It did, but it wasn't pleasant.

    I was EXHAUSTED with the 2nd baby. I attribute it to the fact that I was in so much pain compared to the first time around. I basically had less than a week of pain meds then was left on my own, despite repeated attempts to get meds. I had help with the house and older child, but it was still a very hard recovery. My body also did not bounce back automatically like it did the first time around. The first time around with just normal random workouts and healthy eating, I dropped the weight and was in decent shape within weeks. With the 2nd c-section my stomach was a mess and I had to hit the gym really hard for almost a year to see a difference. I had even gained 10 pounds less the 2nd time than the first time, so it was a notable difference in recovery for me.

    My advice is take it easy and make sure your doctor is willing to prescribe pain meds as needed. I didn't know my doctor would be as stringent as she was and frankly, I'd have chosen a different doctor as I feel the experience is heavily tainted as a result of the agony. And for me, a spinal block is preferable. The epidural made me feel very anxious, like I couldn't breathe and I was also immediately nauseas the entire time it was in.

    I had just stopped nursing when I fell pregnant with baby #2. It was not planned and I was shocked. So I have no advice about nursing and delivering.

    Good luck, I can't wait to see the new baby, @Megs!
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  9. I experienced the same shortness of breath with my epidurals. It was alarming to me. I also felt very nauseated during the entire procedure :sad: