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  1. Hiya all, I just wandered how long any repairs you have had have taken? I have 3 bags in, a lily for a new chain (tarnished beyond belief within a year and 3 outings), a new lock for one of my fave bays, and a new strap (toddler binned my original) for my black Lexi (my first ever mulberry :smile: )

    My treasures have been at repairs for 7 weeks now, which I think is excessive, and after a few follow up emails with customer services there's still no indication when they will be ready.

    I just sent 2 of my other Lily's back with quality issues last week, and I have already had 2 other bags repaired or replaced this year.

    Is it just me or are mulberry getting pricier while the quality is getting worse?! My long term love affair with mulberry May be coming to an end...
  2. Hiya, if you go to the reference section and look for repairing your Mulberry read post 7(mine) and then ring them in the morning. You should have heard something by now.
  3. Thats terrible and totally ridiculous. I have always found the repairs to be very good but must admit you do have to chase

    I have just sent one back for re-inking and it took them nearly a couple of weeks to give me a quote. They now say its booked in and repairs are taking 6-8 weeks. I was very surprised at the length of time. When I have returned before they seem to quote quite a long time but have always come back sooner than expcted

    It must be really difficult when you have sent 3 in and you are waiting all that time.
  4. Not good! You should definitely have heard by now. One of mine was sent away 2 weeks ago, the sales assistant thinks it will need to be replaced, I hope it doesn't take as long! I will be giving them a call for an update in a couple of weeks if I haven't heard anything.