1. Does Fendi not fix your bag if something happens to it like a defect? I brought my bag in expecting they would fix it for free but they suggested the shoe factory. :confused1:
  2. The clasp on one of my SPY bags wasn't working properly. I got my bag replaced with a new one (it wasn't a Fendi store though but a department store with the Fendi boutique in it).
  3. I got mine replaced too.
  4. Fendi does repairs but they don't do it themselves. They take it to someone else to get it repaired. But they ask for an original receipt from a Fendi store. depending on where you live take it or send it to Fendi and they will ship it out for you or call and they will tell you where to send it if you want to send it yourself. But it will cost money. There is no guarantee on there products.
  5. That sucks. I have a Fendi that has a broken strap and I don't have a receipt. blahhh.
  6. Well, if you bought it within like the last 4 years from Fendi, they can find your receipt in the computer. Fendi holds recepits for 3-4yrs.
  7. I've found that Fendi Stores in London will repair without a receipt.
  8. Same My strap is also broken
  9. FENDI botiques will repair stuff u purchased from them and yes..its all in their computers.... if bought from a department store... they will take care of repairs... :o)
  10. Fendi changed their policy a while ago..they used to repair any Fendi bags(no matter where you purchased the bags from) but now not anymore. They will ONLY repair bags that are purchased from Fendi boutiques, but not like Saks,Neimans,etc. And yes, Fendi have it all in their computer,even the serial number of the bag you purchase. My SA actually did a little chit chat with me about this a week ago and she told me that she got yelled at one time by her supervisor for doing a favor for one of her other clients(who happened to purchase the bag at department store as well). That sucks :sad:
  11. maybe I will send mine to london or better yet take it their myself
  12. I have a vintage black patent leather bucket bag. I purchased it at Neimans in 1985 and have hardly used it, however there are a few scratches on it that I would like to get rid of, any suggestions.
    thanks, gigi
  13. I am quite certain that Fendi would not repair this. Your best bet is probably to find a good shoe/leather repair shop in your area and take it to them.
  14. So there's not a customer service to contact for fendi
  15. I realize that this is an old post but Fendi will refer you to Fordhams in NYC for their repairs. You can look up Fordhams via Internet. They are the only authorized repair shop for Fendi.