1. I just bought my damier geant pioneer in Atlanta for my sixteenth birthday.. well on february twenty fifth
    so its been barely a couple months
    and I have been lifting it up by the flap I didnt think it would hurt it
    after a while i noticed a rip around the metal clasp that attached to the rest of the backpack..
    i didnt think anything of it..
    but today when i lifted it up
    i heard a rip...
    and this is what happened..

    my friend confirmed that louis does in fact do repairs..
    but do yall think this is fixable?
    and any idea how much its going to cost?
    thanks. =/
  2. I don't think that would cost, seems like a flaw in their product, that's just from normal use right? I'd take in to LV and see what they say, they'll send it away and give you an estimate.
  3. ok cool thanks =D