Repairs without a receipt? how does this work?

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  1. I bought a Gucci Jockey bag on ebay (authenticated here before purchase of course), the seller bought it online, I believe from DSW, but I cant fully remember. She had emailed me a copy of the receipt but I dont have it anymore, and it wasnt an official receipt.

    Anyways, I was in the mall walking when the little round piece that holds the strap to the bag (hard to explain) came off. I wasnt able to recover the piece, but I really want the bag fixed.

    I looked on the Gucci website and it says they require the original sales slip.

    I emailed the seller, but if I dont have an original receipt, will it be possible to get Gucci to fix the bag?
  2. I have a Gucci wallet that I received as a gift (and so I don't have a receipt). The clasp broke so I sent it in to the place in NJ with a letter stating that I'd be happy to pay for any repairs. I tracked the package and it was delivered two months ago and never heard from them again. I emailed a dozen times and called even more times but never reach a live person. They keep putting me on hold and it "disconnects." Anyone have any advice?
  3. Attn: GAI Fashion Repairs
    50 Hartz Way Secaucus, New Jersey 07094
    tel 800.234.8224

    It doesn't matter if you have a receipt for a repair if you're paying.

    Two months is not actually a long time for Gucci to have your stuff for repair as they might have to track-down a spare part or send back to Italy BUT they should have sent a confirmation of receipt and an estimate.

    I am not saying it's a fake but it were there is also the possibility that might be a reason they don't get back to you :shrugs:

    Anyway, check email and number again with the above.

    When you write an email again, use question marks and make it clear you expect a reply.

    Good luck alu, I am sure it will be alright in the end :yes: