Repairs/Refreshing at Hermes

  1. I'm gonna take it in end octobre actually. No, the SA looked at my bag, said it was in good shape but it could always use a refreshment and then said they send the bags to Paris for spa. That was it :smile:
  2. Dear everyone,

    I got sent this link
    this is a former Hermès artisan who now, has his own business but keeps on doing some work on hermès items. I hope i'm not doing something the mods are against (if so please delete and accept my apology).
    He is renowned in Paris.
  3. Oh I see.. Great!!!:smile:
  4. He's renowned and has done a pretty good job when Hermes or other brands may not be able to accept or do certain repairing. I wish he opens one here in my native.
  5. Thank you for sharing! I must get my husband one of those croc belts. They are just beautiful!