Repairs/Refreshing at Hermes

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  1. Silly question, but when you bring your H bags back to the store for a repair, are you charged? How about when you bring it in for a cleaning or just to freshen it up? I know it's a several week wait as I asked a SA, but I did not ask if there was a costs associated with it.

    I have had to ship a kate spade (rivet popped out), a Coach (zipepr broke) and a Chloe (strap detached from side) out for repairs. kate spade was just the cost to ship it back to them (no ks store in my area at that time); Coach was a flat $25.00 charge. The Chloe was bought at Nordstrom and they sent it out for repair for free.

    What about H?
  2. For cleanings, I have been charged $50 - $65 dependig on the location where I took it in. Repairs vary greatly.
  3. The last spa treatment was free!!
    Just took two of my bags in and I'll see what they charge this time.
  4. Ummm, do you agree on a price when you walk in? Or walk out?
  5. Do you get a new sleeper bag too?
  6. Honestly, I've never asked.
  7. I've never been charged. My bags have gone in for polish/restoration of corners (and of course, they polish the h/w, too) and I have never been charged a thing.

    We don't have a craftman in residence to do it, ours get sent to Paris.
  8. Before doing work, your SA should call you with the should get a new sleeper if you don't bring yours in..
  9. I sent a vintage Kelly for refurbishing and I was charged $125. The SA called me for a price before they did the work and it took about 6 wks. I paid about $150 for another repair to the same bag a year later and also received a call from the SA before they did the work to OK the price. The second time, I didn't bring it in with the sleeper and they refused to give me another to take the bag home-had a little disagreement with them about it -but they wouldn't give me one. It was a nasty SA from the KOP store who is no longer working there.
  10. i have been charged $40 - 85 for just cleaning/polishing...if i take the sleepers home w/me they give me new ones when i pick up the bag. it can take up to six weeks to get it back but if you become a vip you can get it back in a few days.
  11. Whenever I have brought a bag to Claude in the Madison Ave. shop for cleaning or slight buffing, I am charged anywhere from $20 to $80; the bag is not sent to Paris. We agree on a price when I drop them off.
  12. This is nice to know^^,After polishing the hardware is it good as new?
  13. toonie - no. It was pretty good, but 24K gold is sooooo soft they never get the scratches out completely (not that there were many - I'm really particular). My SA said not to worry - use the bag as normal, and when the scratches get really bad, he'll send it off to have the plates switched.

    Sounds good to me.
  14. ^ I had the pall h/w on my Kelly polished, too, but you couldn't tell like you could with the gold.
  15. I've brought my birkin for spa, and was charged S$240 for cleaning and touch-up colors on the corners. It took about 1.5 months.