Repairs on a Chanel bag...

  1. I've never had to get anything repaired before so, what's their policy...etc ?????:confused1:
    TIA !!!
  2. I just had a chanel bag repaired (loose chain), although this is a minor one. Just go to a Chanel boutique and they'll fix it. Once, I had a Fendi bag repaired for free for as long as it involves hardware..
  3. I had to have my multipocket repaired because the lining was beginning to tear away from the grommet and it was a manufacturing issue, not due to my own use. Anyway since the bag was relatively new (about a year), the repair was free.
  4. I've had several of my bags repaired. They do an AWESOME job.

    My kitty scratched one of my lambskin bags and when I got it cleaned, they took the scratch out!! It was amazing

    I 100% recommend it!

    edited to add: I think it takes around 2 weeks or so!!
  5. so can you ask for the reconditioning/cleaning via Dept Stores like Saks or NM ? Thanks!
  6. Do you need to have a receipt to have this work done?
  7. The chain strap on one of my mom's bags completely broke off. Her SA tried to replace the bag with a brand new one, but couldn't find any since it was limited and sold out. I think they offered her credit too, but she still wanted the they sent it in for repair. It took about 6-8 weeks and when it came back, my mom said it looked really shoddy. She talked with her SA again and somehow, they managed to locate another one in NY. So in the end, she got hers replaced with a brand new one. Funny thing is...if she had just returned it and waited about 2 years...she could've saved herself the headache AND $1000 :roflmfao: I've seen a bunch of those on I wonder why Chanel couldn't find one the first time around :shrugs:
  8. has any1 try to get things fix in Sydney Chanel boutique, my friend has bad experience before, so I just wonder if I should get it done in Singapore Chanel instead, please help!
  9. I've had bags repaired and redyed and it was FREE.
  10. which boutique?
  11. Will Chanel clean bags no matter how dirty they are? I once tried to get one of my bags cleaned and they gave me the name of a professional cleaners. They said my bag was too dirty :S
  12. It was the Short Hills Chanel, BUT, it was one of those favors a great SA will do for you. "I can't possibly charge you" and slips the bag to you with a wink. That's what makes a great SA and makes you keep coming back to the same one. Im sure if you establish a relationship with an SA they will do you favors like that. Which is why Im so bummed my favorite SA Nick is GONE.:crybaby:
    In general I do find that Chanel has great customer service. Especially in comparison to LV. They dont bother you asking for receipts to do repairs. They know "their merchandise" and that its authentic and that's what matters. Of course Im sure a lot can vary from SA to SA.