Repairs? HELP!

  1. So like the looser i am, I kinda wore out my horsebit hobo (i think the 'chain') and now i hate looking at it!!!!! :sad:

    The thread is mostly worn around the handles and i think even a stitch came undone!! :crybaby: I mean im pretty rough on my bags (i know i know shoot me ;) ) butttt it shouldnt have gotten that worn out in just a year!!!!

    WHAT DO I DO??? I loveeee the bag and i honestly can not replace her because she is just my fav...can i just take it back to gucci and they will repair it for me? I did it for a pair of my stelletos (the heel snaped off hehe) and they fixed that in a week or so...same thing with my purse?

    HELPPPPPP please :smile:!
  2. Yea, I believe Gucci can repair it for you. If it's a stitch, it shouldn't be that big of a deal.
  3. Yes, take it in for them to take a look at. Last time, I took one in, it took them about a month, since they have to send in to repair center, so how long it takes can vary.
  4. yes they'll repair the bag but they'll charge you. i bought my gucci watch cuz moisture was getting into the crystal (face) and change the battery. i had to pay $80.
  5. i hope so :sad: a little of the fabric is fraying as well...i mean it shouldnt be a problem i bought directly from them :sad:

    ARHHH I HATE IT :sad: maybe thats why i should get leather!

  6. You can literally take anything in to gucci to repair..BUT:

    PROs: They can fix everything. they really can. and they do an excellent job

    CONs: it's slow and very very pricey.

    good luck, and let us know how it goes!
  7. If you have a REALLY great shoe repairman nearby, you might try them first. We have a place in Dallas (very upscale) that can do amazing things with Gucci cloth purses. The corners of my cloth GG print tote are getting worn and when I took it into the shoe repair store, they told me they could easily fix in either of 2 ways: he could add cream leather corners to all 4 sides (to match the cream handles) or he could take the leather bottom off, roll the bag up 1/2 inch to expose non-frayed cloth and replace the leather bottom. He said it would shorten the bag by almost an inch but since it's a tall shopper, it wouldn't be a problem. They also have awesome GG cloth mules on display that they've made from worn-out bags. I haven't had the repair done yet, but so many Chanels and Guccis walk in there, I won't hesitate when the time comes. The price he quoted me to rebuild the corners with leather or roll up the frayed corners was about $80...well worth to have another year or two of my favorite bag looking good!
  8. I just wanted to say sorry! I know how you feel I would hate to look at it too. Let us know for future reference
  9. good idea on the shoe repairman, but ive never done it nor do i know someone who has!! id be oh so scared to risk it!! hehe

    i guess im off to the store (and wipeeee i just talked my brother into buying me a gucci pen!!! heeh maybe ill pick one up while im there!!!)

  10. they can fix it.
    it takes a month or two it depends
  11. Just take it back to Gucci and they will send it away for repairs. The initial charge is $25. If it's as simple as restitching, they won't charge beyond the $25.