Repairs, cleaning etc.

  1. Can anyone suggest where I can go to get my gucci bags cleaned and repaired. The best please!!!
  2. There is a really really good place that many members recommend. I can't remember what it is called. Love my bags or something? I'm sure someone else will correct me.

    I think how it works is that you take photos, send it to them, get a quote, send the bag to them, they fix it, they send it back to you.
  3. Gucci do a good service. I have had my shoes and a bag repaired by them.
    I do not know where you live but just try your local Gucci Boutique
  4. if you go to youre local gucci boutique they should be able to repair it...and for cleanings they should recommend a local cleaner that their clients use......i know my SA tells me NOT to get the bag cleaned through gucci because it's just too expensive and they arent very good!
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  6. If you want to try Gucci repair center go to the 'Club Blondie' thread and take a look at one of my last posts...I posted their phone #.
  7. Does anyone know where I can get Gucci hardware repair on an Abbey? The tension/spring pin popped out of the handle and is GONE. To send it to Gucci is a fortune. Does anyone know where I can just get the hardware/tension pin? Thanks.
  8. How long do you have this bag? Did you buy it from the boutique? They usually offer a 1-year warranty and will fix it for free.
  9. I had just purchased a pair of Gucci "Britt" whiskey colored pumps through bluefly. To my horror they now have blue dye all over them where my jeans touched them. My dark denim jeans rubbed off all over them (the jeans were new but had been washed once). I tried to clean it off with a baby wipe which took a little off. Is there anything that can take this off without ruining the shoes? Any help is much appreciated!