Repairing your own damaged items.

  1. Oh boy.:wtf:
  2. I wouldn't... BLAH.
  3. That looks awful! No way would I touch my LV if it needed repairs.

    If an LV item has anything done to it by anyone other than LV, LV won't even touch it.
  4. :Push:
  5. Poor wallet.
  6. Fugly!!!
  7. :wtf: :Push: Poor wallet:sad:
  8. :yucky:
  9. yuck! i rather have the wallet as is or bring to LV for repair. it looked like it went thru some kinda bad operation.
  10. ahhh! very bride of frankenstein.
  11. awwww...poor little guy....
  12. Aww gross
  13. yikes! That looks likes a franken-lv wallet.
  14. I wouldn't repair any of my bags on my own, however, if I have a bag (be it LV or not) that needs repair/alteration and the orignal designer can't/refuse to do it I'd take it to a leather craftsmanmto get it flixed/altered. I don't normally buy my bags to sell so being worried about resell is not an issue.