repairing the zipper on a Keepall 45??

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  1. Has anyone had the zipper repaired on a keepall 45?? If so how much does this typically cost? Would you ever take your vintage LV to someone else other than LV to repair your bag??
  2. I haven't needed any repairs yet, but I'm curious about the costs as well! I'm not sure if I would trust anyone but LV with their own pieces, though.

  3. I had 2 Speedys and a cles repaired. All three items were damaged by LV in the process. They remove the brass zipper stopper and slide off the zipper. Then replace the zipper and put in a new zipper stopper. When they do that, they fray the material that is next to the zipper stopper. On one of the Speedys, the zipper came undone and was only attached to one side of the zip. Just a warning that LV isn't even to be entirely trusted with repairs anymore.