Repairing my Prada mini hobo

  1. Hi guys,

    I have a mini prada nylon hobo bag BR 1269 and the pin that holds the handle together on one of the sides fell out and so now my handle is completely detached. So basically I need a new pin to put in the silver part where the handle can rotate.

    I bought the bag off of ebay and am wondering would Prada even fix it since the authenticity cards do not have a shop stamped or the data on them?

    Does anyone have any suggestions on how I can get the handle repaired?

    mini hobo.jpg
  2. I had the same problem with one of my gucci bags. I took the bag to a shoe repair shop, the guy that owns it also fixes designer handbags. He replaced the pin for me and it only cost me $5.00. Hope this helps:flowers:
  3. Did the bag come with the authenticity card? If it did and Prada stamped it, yes Prada will repair it. Otherwise you're out of luck.

    I purchased a Prada bag at their outlet and Cabazon. The spring things on the side don't hold together so when they come undone, I end up dropping the bag. I took it to Prada in BH and they told me there is nothing they can do to help me. It's so sad because my beautiful bag is all scuffed up from dropping it.:sad:

    I'm pretty angry with Prada for not standing by their workmanship. Therefore, I will not buy any more Prada bags (I have two).
  4. Deifnately take it to a repair shop..they can fix it
  5. Thanks for posting this thread socaltrojan. I have the exact same bag in light blue I got about 3 years ago from Neimans. My inner lininig just got ripped about a week ago so I was wondering the samething.

    Do you know if a Prada boutique would do it at no cost?
  6. ^ honestly..I doubt it...depends on who you know there.
  7. i brought my prada in for repair of linning and there is definitely a charge. i don't think that prada offer free services.
  8. o0o0oh im sorry guys but this is what i hate about prada.. :sad: i had my bag repaired, but i have to pay almost :rant: :censor: $60 for the linning and freight(cause my bag will be shipped to other country for repair..):censor: ooooh i had my speedy handle repair for free at LV..:graucho:
  9. Can anyone suggest a place that can repair
    my prada purse in Los Angeles?

    Thank you
  10. do u live in NYC?
  11. Do you have the contact info to prada to get repairs done
  12. Can anyone give me the warranty information for a Prada Handbag. I have the authenticity card but I don't know how to contact them. Thanks for any help!
  13. you also posted this in our Handbags Forum . . . Prada questions really are best in our PRADA Forum :tup: