repairing my chanel bag chain strap

  1. does anyone know if the chanel in bloomingdales can replace the chain strap on my chanel bag? the gold is fading and i want a new one. if so does anyone know how much it is to replace. also would i be able to use my bloomies charge card for repair of the bag?:wlae:
  2. I don't know about Bloomingdale's ability...but how old is your bag? Hate to hear your chain finish is fading.:sad:
  3. my bag is about 5 years old, it is the timeless tote.
  4. Hmmmm...thanks for the info on the age - none of my bags are that old yet, but I will be interested to see if they do the same thing. Good luck on getting yours fixed.
  5. actually i just bought it on eBay. it was a used bag. it seems like they used it alot but the rest of the bag is still in good condition, it is just the chain that looks pretty used up. if anyone knows if bloomies accepts repairs please post. thanks ahead of time.