Repairing corners on a vintage bag

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  1. I just purchased an almost perfect vintage Gucci tote from a terrific consignment store in New Jersey. Their items are all authentic, and they also have a website The only wear on the bag is on the corners on the bottom, and I was wondering if there is anything I can do to prevent future wear? If my husband helps me, I will post pictures (I'm not that computer saavy), but the bag looks like the new joy beige totes but with thick brown handles and trim, and it's just gorgeous!

    Thanks for any help!
  2. Any suggestions?
  3. how can u be so sure the bag is authenitc?
  4. All of the markings are correct on the bag, and this is a reputable local consignment shop that guarantees authenticity.
  5. Does anyone know the answer to her question???? I have a vintage tote myself that could use a little leather touch-up...anyone??
  6. apply a coating of saddle soap available in shoe section of most stores...this stuff is amazing...buffs scratches right out and protects too. i even use this stuff on wooden heels of my chloe silverado shoes...any water marks/scratches are magically erased!
  7. Thanks, princesskiwi!! I'll give it a try! :smile: