Repairing Chanel Bags bought from overseas.


Nov 1, 2007
Someone made a post regarding the need to fix her 2 month old flap (hope it all works out :smile: ) and started thinking about my own flap.
My flap was purchased in Hong Kong less than a month ago, I live in Melbourne. Does this mean I can only get it fixed in HK or can I take it to the Chanel boutique here to get fixed or if I have any problems with it? I have my receipts and everything :smile:

TIA :smile:

love CC

Jul 13, 2007
You need to Call your local Chanel Boutique and ask them that do they have a repair department? If they have it, you can take it to get repair doesn't matter where you bought . They will ask you for the receipt. You might get it fix for free if your bag, less than one year. if more than one year, you need to pay. However, if they do not have a local chanel repair department, they will give you a telephon numer of Chanel repair department some where close by so You can ship it to them and they will ship it back to you.. Hope this will help u.:smile: