Repairing bag

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  1. Hey girlies,

    I was wondering whether anyone had sent their bag to mulberry repair and was wondering how long it took?


    Love Fran
  2. Hi Fran - I've got 1 in for repair at the moment - usually takes about 4 weeks from when you send it, but it can be faster. Hoping to get mine back this week and that'll be only 3 weeks. Bought a bargain Red Roxanne and she needed a stud replacing - the great thing is by sending her in I'm now really happy as she is definately genuine (I did get her authenticated, but I always worry) - Mulberry confisgate the bag if it's not real - quite rightly.
  3. Hi. I had a small repair done (one stud replaced) and as hew105 says they usually quote 4 weeks but it can be much quicker...mine just took two weeks in the end.
  4. oh okay, did you chase it up? Im having the piping replaced on one side of chocolate tooled bayswater and hoping she will come back look beautiful!

    Love Fran
  5. Fran - I had a call on Friday asking for credit card details for them to process the repair so that's how I know it should be back this week. If you email KateP@ mulberry she'll be able to help you.
    I sent mine in about a week before you posted your lovely bayswater so I imagine yours is still getting it's repair done. Either way Kate will be able to help.
  6. No...I just left it to Mulberry to phone when ready. Don't know how long replacing piping would take though......I bet tooled bays will look wonderful when finished.
  7. Thanks ladies!
  8. Speak of the devil - went to get a drink and the UPS man had arrived when I got back to my desk. That's under 3 weeks then.
  9. Hi
    I have sent 2 off for repair - they were delivered to SM on 3rd . I'm going to call tomorrow just to nudge them along... I did this last time and I had them back within 48 hours .....