Repairing a Spy's Woven Handles...

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  1. K, so my friend stopped by today, she has a black spy (she came to see mine lol). Had it for a clue when she got it but had it awhile. she's careful with it and all. On the back handle to the side, one weave strip it's small but it seems like it broke in half UNDER the crossing strip over it (that one is still in tact.) she shoved the broken part under the full strip over it, like tucked it under, it doesn't come out unless she forces it back out and then you see that it's not whole/connected to that other side. like, it separted rght under the in-tact overlaying strip.

    My question...I just got into the Spy stuff and never had anything repaired at a Fendi. She doesn't do this forum thing so i promised i'd ask. can she go to any fendi store? she bought this in a fendi boutique in cali, and we are in nyc. she has the receipt and everything and it obviously been a decent (not super long) while since she's had it. will any fendi boutique repair a bag's ripped handles? does it get sent out, etc? cost of repair? any info on this from you experts would be uber helpful, thanks!!!!!
  2. If she has the receipt, the least they could do is fix it for her. That kinda bursts my bubble. I thought an authentic spy would/should stay intact much longer.
  3. I would think Fendi should repair any of their bags, regardless of whther you bought it at the boutique or not, assuming the bag is authentic.
  4. I know of a few ladies on here that have had their fendi spy repaired with one thing or another, Fendi are pretty good at doing this. You can take the bag back to any Fendi store and they will repair it but might charge.
  5. Thanks Saich2 and kat, i will let her know this. it's gorgeous and of course 100% authentic, so that's solid. the broken part is so teeny, but it bothers her, so yea, i think she'll def. go down to fendi and inquire about this. :smile: i just wanted to make sure they wouldn't be like uh, no step off - we don't offer that service for such and such reason.
  6. You should take it to a regular retail boutique and they will send it out. She should bring the original receipt b/c they won't repair with out it. She will most likely have to pay to have it repaired and it may take a little while.