repairing a jimmy choo

  1. I'm just wondering if anyone else has had this prolem with their bag. I have a tulita that I have used only 2x. The gold rings in the handle came loose. I sent it for repair to the jimmy choo store in southern ca. It was repaired and sent back to me. The third time I used it, again the ring came out. I wondering if I should just take it to a local leather repair shop and have it fixed. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Where did your bag come from? How frustrating that the repairs Choo handled were deficient. :tdown: With that said, I'd be desperate to have it fixed and would take it to a leather repair shop on my own to get it done right. Follow that up with pictures of the bag before and after the fix, records from the Choo store on their attempted repair and a copy of the repair bill from your repair shop. Insist that Choo reimburse you for this. My heart breaks for you on this! We would like to believe that a handbag of this quality would stand up better to normal use. Let us know the result.
  3. I bought the bag at bloomingdales in san francisco. I could have returned it but they didn't have a replacement in the original style and color I chose. I will defintely use your suggestions. I was disappointed in the quality of this bag considering the cost. I have louis vuittons and other high end bags and never had such inferior quality. I have been able to justify my expensive handbag prices by claiming that they last forever. This has not been the case with the jimmy choo. I love the look but I'm not sure I would buy another.