Repairing a bag... how... where....HELP!!

  1. I won this bag

    but in my excitement of liking the style I didn't notice that two of the rhinestones on the cc's on the side were missing until after the fact. It wasn't stated in the description.
    I'm a bit of a perfectionist and I won't be happy with it that way.... (here's hoping that's ALL that I didn't notice). I really need to have those replaced to enjoy the bag. Since I live in "no man's land"..... I will definately need to send it away for repair. Could someone let me know WHERE to call to find out about fixing it.... the cost etc....??

    I hope it can be fixed and the cost is not outrageous or I will have just wasted my $$ on a BIG MISTAKE :sad: (sad, worried, Chanel "newbie")

    Thank you for your help!! Please feel free to PM me!!
  2. If it wasn't stated in the description, I'd rather send it back to the seller. Not unless I really, really wanted the handbag...

    If you really, really wanted the handbag, then it's best to go to the Chanel shop for repair. Also, you can ask them how much will it cost for the repair! :biggrin:
  3. I would suggest taking it to Chanel and they probably will send it away for repair but at least you can rest assure they will do a good job. I would say the price will be miminal, since it's a couple of rhinestones.
    Best of luck
  4. Beautiful bag by the way :wlae:

  5. I wondered about that... it was shown in the picture though... I just over looked it!

    I haven't received the bag yet.... I don't think it has been shipped yet either... I did ask the seller for a suggestion, but waiting for a reply.\

    I don't live near ANY STORES (in the WHOLE state!!) so I don't know WHERE to call to find out WHERE to send it and how to find out the cost... if the cost is "minimal" .... I'm willing to do that.
  6. You can send it to any Chanel boutique or try calling the 800 number on
  7. Chanel will send it for repairs and I doubt that it'll be expensive as it's a minimal repair. It just takes about 6 weeks to get it repaired.
    It's a beautiful bag!!
  8. Return it. It's the least trouble.
  9. The seller stated the bag is in excellent condition. The missing rhinestones don't qualify the bag to be excellent, imo. Depending on how bad you want this particular bag dictates whether you take issue with the seller, or whether you keep it. I would call a Chanel boutique and ask them if the stones can be sent out for replacement and a estimate. If you decide to keep the bag, you could (forgive me for this suggestion) check at some hobby shops for rhinestones and see if there is something that matches. Get some glue and you won't be without the bag for 6-8 weeks not to mention the cost savings. (Only you will know.)
  10. Im SURE the bag can be repaired at any Chanel store. It cant cost THAT much to repair. They are always dealing with missing rhinestones. I never saw that style bag before. Its cute and it was a very good deal.
  11. would suggest u call chanel boutique to check the rough estimation of the repairs..if it too expensive....I would suggest u return this bag..just my opinion...
  13. Yes, that's possible. Both parties agree to mutually withdraw the negative feedback. In my case, I bought an item that was used in a movie and it took a very long time to ship and they claimed I hadn't paid when I had. Frustrated/peeved, I left negative feedback. They contacted me and asked if I would withdraw my feedback, but I got something in return from them. (Negotiate when the ball is in your court!)

    Back to the bag for a second. You can email Artbags in NY ( They do repairs, refurbishing and they can tell you about repair, if that is still in the mix.
  15. I 'm sorry that happened to you. I didn't see the photo, but with rhinestones, sometimes you can't tell they are missing because of the flash of the camera. So, it's not your fault if he didn't mention that "little but big fact"!

    Anyway, I would definitely advise you NOT to try and repair the rhinestones yourself. There are all different grades of rhinestones, and it might be hard for you to find a match in a craft store. It's also quite difficult to glue them on without getting glue on everything else, which clouds the everything else up. I am a little experienced in working with jewelry and thought that it wouldn't be much of a stretch to attempt to glue on a couple of rhinestones that had fallen off a Lieber bag. It was much harder than I thought and I swore then and there that if I lose any more, it's going back to the experts for proper repairs!

    Good luck! It sounds like the seller is willing to work it out.