1. i was looking at some mj bags on eBay that are in need of a little leather cleaning/repair. do you guys know any good places to send a bag to (or something in the chicagoland area) for fixing the discoloration in the leather or is it probably a horrible idea to try and fix them up? thanks!
  2. Artbag
    Lovin My Bags
    Margaret's Factotum

    You can also go to places like Saks, Neiman's, Nordstrom, etc. and ask the SAs in the handbag dept. where they send their repairs, or for a referral.

    ETA: I believe of the ones I posted, Lovin My Bags specializes in color repair.
  3. oh! thanks. do most places not do colored leather? and about how much would it cost?
  4. if the bag is a newer one from say a year and a half to 2 year... i would send it off to mj..they'll do the best job JMO