repair question

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  1. i have looked through several threads and cannot find an answer to this. today i shipped my legacy lily purse to the repair center in jacksonville. it is creed style L0769-11150 created november 2007 the last batch made for spring 08 online is a black one.. the smallest turn lock screw came loose and fell off. also the leather on the handles has split apart... and peeled. ive had mixes answers. will they fix this? if no what will they do? send me a 40% off coupon or a credit voucher. i have read it depends on the age is this bag too "old" as some word it. anyone with experience with repairs please advise. i know they do not have this purse in stock any longer i called to check.
  2. In my experience, they never repair anything. If it's new as in still available in stores, they've always issued full credit. For older bags, I've gotten the 40% letter. I don't think the bag is considered too old. I sent in a bag that was 2-3 years old and got the 40%.
  3. I sent in a bag for a turnlock only issue and they repaired it and it looked great. The turnlock had fallen completely off.

    I just sent in my Zoe last week for some loose stitching. The SA made it sound like they can repair that so I am hoping.
  4. okay thanks. i wish they had a list of what is fixable. the turn lock missing is a very small one on the strap. i have requested one to be mailed to me 3!!!! times every time they sent me a stupid looking prong closure. i swear they dont even read emails.
  5. So far I haven't found the need to send a bag in for repair (thank goodness!) but I was wondering about the process:

    Do you need the original receipt?
    Can you take it to the outlook or only to the FP store?
    Does it make a difference if you bought it at the outlet and it has a bullet on the creed?
  6. no you dont need a receipt,you can have an outlet or boutique send it,or send it yourself-which is what i did. it does not matter if it has a bullet on the creed. these are questions ive found answers to on here,just not a real time frame of what happens if it is unrepairable. at what point do you get a 40% off or a credit.
  7. Thanks! One more question, can the 40% credit be used in conjunction with another discount, like PCE?

    Thanks again!
  8. From what I was told, if they cannot repair it you get full credit if THEY keep it...if you want it back you get the 40% off letter which cannot be used with PCE. I took an old Gallery tote that was an off white patent leather that had turned yellow to FP and asked if it could be repaired. They looked at it, made a call and immediately gave me 40% off a new bag that day and let me keep my old one.
  9. no i dont think it can be its already a great discount to buy a new bag so really doubt they would let it be combined. i am trying to figure out what coach considers "old" lol. a $1,200 bag made in the very end of 2007 sold in early 2008 so its not even 3 yet. ive read its after a year others say 2. then 1 thread said an ali from 2006 sent in 2009 got credit but a bag made later on got a coupon. these were bags with similar issues involving sealant. its all hit or miss i guess i will just see. i would like it to be fixed. even putting new handles on it and the turn lock would be better for them then either a 40% off or credit. coach is so weird.
  10. I don't think their is and rhyme or reason. I also think that MAYBE the original MSRP has something to do with it! I'd hope a $700 bag would last 3+ years and still look good enough to be carried!!! Now, some of the less expensive bags maybe they consider their lifespan in the retail value???

    Say you pay $298 for a bag and send it in 3 years later...that's $100 bucks a year you paid to carry the bag .

    Say you dropped $700 and sent the bag in 3 years later...that's $233 a year to carry!

    I've heard that they consider 5 years to be the "lifespan" of their leather and 2/3 yaers for other materials but WHO KNOWS?! LOL

    Best of LUCK!!!
  11. I think that whether they issue you a credit or a 40% off letter also has to do with the type of damage. If they consider it to still be usable, they will opt for the 40% off letter, while a completely unusable bag is more likely to get a credit. I know it is more complex than this, but I believe that is a factor.
  12. They fixed a turnlock ring on mine. One close to the bag end under the leather fell off.
  13. The bag I took in was 3+years old and they gave me the 40% off and the bag back.
  14. I had to mail in a 2 year old bag that had serious glaze issues, they gave me a full ammount store credit.
  15. if you are mailing it in urself is there a shipping cost?