Repair question

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  1. Does Coach always send you a credit OR coupon if they aren't able to fix your bag or, has anyone sent in thier bag and just gotten a letter back with the bag saying it was unable to be repaired and nothing else. Also, if they do send you a coupon or credit, do they just send it along with the bag when they ship it back? Thanks!
  2. If it can't be repaired, they should send a letter with a discount of 40% in the letter (the letter is your coupon). Sometimes you might get a full credit, but it doesn't sound like they have been doing that lately.
    They may keep the bag or return it. I think they ask you, but in my case the bag and letter just showed up. They didn't fix it, and gave me 40% off.
  3. Well, the reason I asked is because, I sent one in for repair. I didn't hear anything from them until yesterday. I got my bag back with a letter saying that they are unable to repair it and if I have any questions I can call thier 800 number. It didn't say anything about any discounts or credits.
    I am taking the bag to a local leather repair shop today so, hopefully they will be able to fix it.

  4. What kind of bag is it and why did you send it in? I think the determining factor on whether you get the discount or not is if it was a flaw in the bag or just normal wear.
  5. Try nicely complaining in the store - they usually try to make you happy.... at least my store did when my Carly broke after a few months....
  6. How old was the bag?