repair question

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  1. I'm not sure where to post this, so feel free to move it if needed.

    I recently got a gray Alyona brand new off eBay, and I've used it now a total of 3 days. The stitching is already coming apart!! I don't think anything will fall apart, but it's annoying because it's right in the front, smack in the middle of the MJ pushlock and the handles on the edge of the leather.

    Does anyone know if MJ will repair this? Thanks!
  2. absolutely! email them at with your name, telephone number, and description of what needs to be repaired. someone will contact you within a few days. they will assign you a reference number and have you send the bag to them. repairs usually take between 2-6 weeks.
  3. Thanks so much! The only thing I was worried about because I read somewhere about within 18 months of your purchase..but it was off eBay so I had no proof of original purchase date. Will try that!

  4. i don't think you need to state this. as long as the bag was released within 18 months, MJ will do what they can for you :yes:
  5. hehe that's a little sneaky ;) But I'll do it anyway, for the sake of my Alyona!!! bwuahah