repair question

  1. i posted a few days ago about my toaster bag i got on eBay which turned out to be missing a rivet (not mentioned in the listing).

    i thought it would be an easy-peasy repair...but i was sooooooo wrong. i've been to 2 cobblers (one that got "best of boston") and both said they only have flat rivets, not domed like the ones on my bag. they said to call mj and get the part--that they often have people bring in parts from stores. i called the boston mj store and a nyc store and both said they don't have parts.

    how do i find a domed, 1/4 inch, silver rivet?!?!
  2. Oh dear! Can you live with a flat rivet! Can you return the bag if you are unhappy with it! Have you tried looking on the internet maybe under parts for handbags? I will look around and see if I have any luck and let you know. I am so sorry!!
  3. You might want to try emailing and see if they would be able to fix it for you or if they would have the rivet. Good luck!
  4. This worked for me, they are being FedEx-ed as we speak, (for a newer season bag within the 18 month time frame). I would attach a photo of the exact rivet you need to be sure you get the correct color and shape.

    Good luck! :tup:
  5. also, visit tandy leather. they sell handbag rivets and may have a rounded one. is the hardware nickle??
  6. i emailed them two days ago about a repair and i haven't gotten a response! :sad:
  7. I think they might just be slow at times. It took them 3-4 days to get back to me when I emailed them.

    thanks so much!!!

    anyone else need one? i'll have 99 left over!
  9. :roflmfao: they're pretty easy to set as well.... ;)
  10. i just found some on eBay!