repair question

  1. so im planning on taking my looping mm to get the handle replaced. since there's nothing actually being stitched onto the bag, is it possible to just have the part ordered and have it installed in the store so that i don't have to be without my bag for 2 months? the handle seems like its just a pop on sorta dealy.
  2. They may not have the proper equipment to put it together at the store.
  3. I am afriad vachetta replacement must be send to special repair departments, on the bright side, at least it's going to be experienced professional who is going to take care of the repair :flowers:
  4. Please let me know how much they're charging you. If it's not too much I may have mine replaced too!

  5. i'll let you know. im taking it in on friday. someone told me around $100~

    my papillon handles costed me $150 and they had to be stitched onto the bag. but looping has rolled handles so i dont know.