Repair question--new Lancel bag

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  1. I fell in love with and purchased my first designer handbag in Paris in May--a Lancel Premier Flirt in a beautiful rose pink. I am back home in the U.S. now, and to my surprise one of the brass grommets has separated. I've tried pressing the halves back together but it hasn't worked. Photos attached.

    If Lancel had a store in the U.S., I would take it back to them--but Paris is a long way to go for a grommet!! I'm afraid to take it to my neighborhood shoe repair. Should this be a do-it-yourself fix? Is there anyone in the Washington D.C. area who repairs designer handbags?

    Any advice would be appreciated.


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  2. i love lancel too. i have a couple of them, unfortunately, i don't know of any store in the u.s.

    why don't you try to e-mail them and find out if there is a distributor or something in the u.s.

    wish you well. :smile:
  3. Thanks very much. There was no email address on the Lancel site, but I have snail mailed them with photos of the bag and separated grommet--we'll see what they say.
  4. Try Artbag in NY, They are expensive but they do great work.
  5. Sorry to hear that, suzb. I can't help you with your question but hopefully, the bag can be repaired.
  6. Lancel has never replied to my letter (sent in June), so today I took it to a local shop that repairs designer handbags and shoes. They told me that this would be an ongoing problem with these grommets as they simply fit together without screws or any other secure means of holding them. They are going to glue the one that is separated, but they tell me that the other grommets will likely come apart over time as well, and there is no real way to secure them permanently.

    Just thought that this might be useful information to share with anyone who is thinking of buying a similar bag.
  7. Ohh, I just get one, I hope I wont have this problem... did other grommets come apart?
  8. Not so far--but I haven't been carrying the bag every day. Hope yours holds together--they are beautiful bags.

  9. I have been using a premier flirt frequently for 2 years now and the grommets are okay - no problems at all.

    However, recently, one of the screws (the metal thingy tt allows you to attach the strap to the bag) dropped and since I bought it in Paris, the lancel shop in Malaysia wouldn't repair it for me. Gonna bring it to the cobbler to see what they can do about it.

    Lesson learned, do remember to tighten the screws (yes, they are screws - I didnt realise it!) once in awhile!
  10. Hi there:
    I live in HK & Lancel is rather popular here. They are reasonably priced & they do have a no. of boutiques here. I've been using their products for over a decade & everything is OK so far. I'm sorry that you have got a lemmon. But your bag is beautiful indeed & hope you enjoy using it after you got it back from the cobbler!
  11. Hi, lostsheep

    Where is Lancel located in M'sia? In KL, which shopping mall? Thanks for replying.

  12. Hey jade,

    It's at KLCC. If you're planning to buy it there, remember to keep the receipt so you can bring it in for repairs.

    The premier flirt is lovely AND practical!
  13. Hi, lostsheep,

    Do you have pic on premier flirt? and do you roughtly how much in RM? My son is going back this April, I might want him to look for me. If have pic, it is better. I love the rose color in this thread.

  14. I don't have a picture of my premier flirt - it's currently with a friend who went bk to KL (got her to try and get it fixed). I'll post pictures once she's back this week! (Unfortunately, I'm from SG and we don't have a lancel store here.) Wouldn't know what's the current retail price either, OP should have a better idea.

    OP's picture is a premier flirt btw and yes, the rose pink is lovely!
  15. Hi, lostsheep,

    Do you have any ideal on which floor Lancel boutique located in KLCC? Is Lancel bougtique only sells Lancel products?