Repair progress thru mylv

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  1. I brought my Alma PM in an LV store to have all the leathers replaced.
    I was told the repair will take 6 to 8 weeks and I said its ok, signed the paperwork and done.
    I was tracking the repair progress thru mylv acct and I see the stages:
    routing to care center, assesment in progress, repair in progress and then ready for pickup (or something, indicating that the repair is done)

    Ive searched forums to see what others have experienced when sending in their bags for repairs regarding wait time but have not seen anyone mentioning about the capability to track progress thru LVs website. Has anyone had their bags repaired and has any idea of the timeline of each of these "repair progress stages" mentioned above? Thanks!!
  2. I'm actually wondering the same thing. I dropped a bag off on the third and it's currently in the routing to care center step.
  3. I suggest calling the LV boutique where you have dropped your bag. Most likely it hasnt left the store yet. Thats what I did and I was told they will wait for others to bring in their bags for repair and then they send the bags in batch for repair to the actual repair center.
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  4. so if it said "routing to care center", this will also mean your bag is still in the store and not actually in transit to the repair center. :girlsigh:
  5. That's what I figured and since the Charleston store is on the smaller side it might take a bit. I'm not in any sort of rush so I'll find out next time I head over there.