Repair Prada purse in Los Angeles?

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  1. Is there any places in Los Angeles that
    I can get a Prada nylon purse repaired?
    Thank you
  2. I bought a Prada nylon backpack from a Prada store outside the US
    years ago. It has the authenticity certificate card. The card was dated
    and stamped (where it was bought) but the ink is kind of faded and very
    hard to read now. Would the Prada store here fix it?

    I also have another one, a black nylon messenger bag. I bought it from
    bluefly. It looks authentic and comes with the authenticity certificate
    card (but not dated & stamped -- how can I ever verify if this one is
    really authentic?). Maybe I shouldn't take this one to the Prada store?
    Where else can I fix it?

    Thank you
  3. In Australia...if the Prada was bought from a boutique (local or overseas) , you can bring it to your local boutique and they'll send it out and get it repaired. (the authenticity card has to be stamped though).Why not give your local Prada a call.:yes: