Repair policy? I have an OLD bag

  1. I have a hobo that's probably 4 or 5 years old. The leather on the strap (it's a signature bag) is flaking off.

    Will they fix it if I bring it in to a store? Or am I SOL?
  2. I thought they had a lifetime warrenty. So I would take it to a Coach store and see if they will send it off for repair.
  3. I remember someone else said in a thread that they sent off a 6 year old purse to be repaired. If it can't be repaired then I think Coach will offer you a % of the value.
  4. that isn't an "old" coworker sent in a bag that was 10+ years old to have the strap repaired...which they did and sent it right back to her.

    just take it into your boutique...they'll help you out most likely
  5. You can also ship it in yourself. It costs $20.

    Be forewarned: They have started sending back a letter without you handbag - if they decline to fix it.

    Put in your repair request that you want it back if they won't repair it.
  6. i have an issue with one of my older purses.. i got it 6 moths ago brand new never used.. but it came out 6-7 yrs ago.. when i started to use it the side of the straps (glue?) is cracked and falling off. Can coach fix this?
  7. the warranty is for the life of the bag, which coach determines to be about 5-7 years. i don't think that's totally strict though. however, the warranty covers the straps, stitching, and bindings (which is what it sounds like it wrong with your bag.) anyway, i would recommend taking it to your nearest coach store (outlet or full-price, it doesn't matter) and having one of the managers take a look at it...they can tell you what you can do or if you should even bother sending it in. they usually have a pretty good eye for it.

    anyway. good luck! i hope your bag is repaired and everything is happy with it again!
  8. No. Coach will not fix it. I need one of my straps fixed on my pink Madeline bag, and they said it can't be fixed. Only simple wear and tear and stitching. I'm very upset and disappointed.
  9. Are you sure it's real?
  10. I just sent my favorite coach bag in, Heritage Stripe Fashion Satchel 12529 and it was a little over 2 years old at the time. The main issue was the straps and stitching around the zippers but they were unable to fix it. :sad: They DID however, send my purse back along with a % off letter, which I called back to negotiate and received credit instead. The woman on the phone told me if it hadn't been 2+ years old I would have had better luck because they consider damage that old normal wear and tear plus they don't keep parts after the 2 year mark.... I'm not sure how much I believe her but I really wish they could have fixed it, that bag was my favorite, for me an amazing go to bag!... now I'm on my 3rd Mia Maggie in 3 months due to bad stitching, leather pealing, etc.... :sad:
  11. I was wondering the same thing.
  12. post a pic