Repair on a cambon?

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  1. I was wondering if anyone knows anything about how much it costs to repair a cambon?
    Just the handles, There are some little kitty bite marks in the handles where the knots are, and I was wondering if (I'm pretty sure) Chanel would repair them, and if anyone had any idea how much it would cost?
  2. I'm not sure, but I know that my cambon bowler has water damage on it (I know it's sad. And I'm soooo careful with my chanel bags but an incident happened. I left a CLOSED mini hair spray bottle in my purse and somehow it leaked all over. And you can see it through the bottom side of the bag.) and it could really use a good cleaning to try and get the water out. I'm not sure if that's possible :sad: but hopefully it is.
  3. they'd repair them. . . I have no idea how much $ it'd be though:shrugs: