Repair of EEL skin bags.

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  1. #1 Feb 14, 2010
    Last edited: Feb 14, 2010
    There is a lovely Eel skin bag on *bay, but it´s damaged:


    ( The picture belongs to *bay seller Punknuggets2.)

    Do you think a cobbler could fix this?

    And can you remove colour transfer from Eel skin?

    ( From Jeans )

  2. I don't know... I had an eelskin clutch once and it was very thin and delicate.
  3. I had a pair of eelskin shoes repaired once but the only way they could do with was with big zig-zag overstitching that showed. There usually isn't enough material to resew a seam.
  4. What a pity!

  5. Its been for a while since you asked, but anyway..

    If you glue a pieces of thin ligh colored leather using textileclue to hidden side of the seem, it would be the easiest thing to make the stiches to their original place again.

    If the seam area is worn to pieces, a contaclclue will fill the holes and you could use some sort of paint to cover the traces of the fix.

    Acrylic-colour for smaller tracks, or if the area is bigger, then some professional hobbypaint which will give also some gloss.

    Repairing old is allways worth some effort!:cool:

  6. Thank you. I did not buy that bag , but I might use your method some day.;)
  7. Eelskin is so beautiful! I own one dark-brown piece from I guess eighties and its stunning.

    One note about eelskin to everyone. I found this wallet made of eelskin which had some dirt on its surface. I used pure, whats the word...eerr..liquid textile washer..?:lol: to give some shine and remove the dirt. ( Not all brands are suitable, but the right one is good for croco too.)

    When I did this, the eelskin seemed to come like looser its original form, but it shrinked fast back in process of drying. So be careful with moisture with them!

    I also have a pair of mens shoes for my friend waiting to be repaired, the broken seam is shrinked by its sides, but I guess wetting the leather, it is easy to repair to its original place.

    I love crafts, anyone feel free to ask, if I know a tip, Ill sure share it!
  8. I have this lime green Eel Jimmy Choo bag:



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  10. Thanx.

  11. I love that green bag, so beautiful!