Repair in LA?

  1. Hi, my Chloe is in need of some TLC, it needs a bit of work. Can you recommend anyone in the LA area who specializes in working on Chloe handbags.

  2. Lovinmybags is in Hayward, is that near LA? They do repairs and restorations for designer bags. You could ship it if they are too far away.
  3. If you are anywhere near the OC, check out a place called Factotum. I was referred to them by the Chloe boutique at South Coast Plaza, and they completely removed an ink mark from my Betty. They have several OC locations. They are great!!! :yes:
  4. ^^^^ DITTO
    Factotum is awesome!
    They are in Laguna Beach - (and 4 other locations)
    Totally worth the drive! LB = 949-497-4114
    Tom & Daniele - Owners
  5. Agree with everyone about Factotum; PASQUALES Shoe Repair is also highly recommended.

    PASQUALES Shoe Repair
    San Vincente & Hauser
    5616 San Vicente Blvd
    Los Angeles, CA 90019
  6. thanks!!!
  7. Great, thanks!
  8. Try this, they are great :