Repair help - handles darkened & glazing cracking

Jun 28, 2006
I'm not familiar with Coach, I purchased my first Coach handbag about 3 years ago from a Coach Outlet Store. I believe it is called a Hampton's Carryall (It's the one where the 2 handles are buckled/belted in and can be removed. It is soft leather and a cognac color.

The bag itself is in wonderful almost like-new condition BUT the handles are gross. They have darkened A LOT, to a very dark brown (I would even say they are almost black), and are a bit tacky/sticky (maybe sticky is too strong a word, its just not smooth and soft when you run your hands across and its unpleasant to touch) and the handles scream hand sweat. And a bit of glazing where the handles buckle in is cracking. I would use this bag a lot, but the handles really bother me. Please help! :crybaby:

What can I do or what are my options? I really like this handbag. I don't know anything about Coach's Policy or what they can do for a customer in this case (where I can bring it in, what they can do for me, can they replace the handles and put in new ones since it just buckles in like a belt, how much it will cost, ect) What are the steps to go about this? Is there anything that can be done, or is it over for my bag? Can I bring it into a store (any store or outlet only?) and have them send it in or will I have to pay shipping? I've tried everything I can possibly think of to help the handles. Thanks in advance.

Nancy in VA

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Aug 21, 2006
Sarasota, Florida
I think the handles are supposed to darken with age and wear like that. Are they vachetta leather? Just like LV handles darken with age - the handles develop a patina which is desirable to most


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Sep 3, 2006
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they can't do anything about the darkening straps- that's just how it is. not sure, however, how bad the cracking is (i can't even visualize it, honestly). do you have pictures?

but it can't hurt to take it in and see what they say. if you take it into the store, and they think it can be repaired or something, they'll probably waive the fee.