Repair gone wrong

  1. I have a flint suede bag and the strap broke. I took it in to have it be sent in, and the lovely SA at my store didn't charge me the $20 fee which was very nice of her. Anyway I got my bag back the other day and the strap looks fine and it's not noticeable unless you look at it closely-that it's not the original stitching and stuff but I am looking over my bag and I see this black mark on the flap about an inch and half long. I kinda freak out because I do not remember it being there. I break out the suede cleaning kit and try that and it makes no difference. I have no idea what the black mark is- ink or grease maybe, but it's definately in the suede now. I don't know what else to try to remove it and it's very noticable. I don't know if I should take it to the store- I mean how can I prove it wasn't there prior to it being sent in for repair. Any ideas ladies?:shrugs:
  2. Take it back to the store immediately!
  3. Definetley take it back. Dont try to fix it yourself. Its Coachs responsibility. Good luck to ya!
  4. omg take it back!!! I'm kind of worried about my tote now :sad:
  5. You should take it back or call the customer service number that would be included in the letter/invoice type thing that was sent back to you with your "repaired" bag. They are really good about fixing these types of problems and assuaging complaints, especially if your bag is in worse condition than it arrived there in! I'm kind of surprised they would have attempted to mend the bag with mismatched stitching. They're usually very strict about their quality control (I had a lengthy conversation on the phone after my bag handle was returned unfixed and they told me this is why).

    I really hope this mark comes out!
  6. I am not worried about the's the black mark on the flap. I will call customer service first and see what they say. I am sure they probably won't be able to do anything as it can't be proved that it wasn 't like that before I sent it in.