Repair for Discontinued Epi Color


The K Is Silent
Apr 23, 2007
Boringsville, USA
I have a Borneo Green Epi Soufflot and recently had a friend call my closest boutique to find out how much it would be and how long it would take to get the straps re-glazed. The straps are in pretty good condition but a lot of the glazing on the sides has "peeled" off and whatnot. I called the boutique first because it is an hour away and I wanted to be as prepared as possible before I went.

The SA that she spoke with said it would be cheaper to just replace the straps completely than re-glaze them, which confused me. How will they be able to replace my straps if Borneo Green has been discontinued for quite some time? I have never needed repair to any of my LV items so this is new to me. So could someone please explain to me the guidelines for repairing a discontinued item/color? The SA was told that it was the green color, so she knows it's a discontinued color.

Is it possible for me to get new straps on this bag? Why would getting all new straps be cheaper than just getting the existing ones re-glazed? Thanks in advance!