repair fee

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  1. A long time ago I posted about my beaded tote losing a bead, so I sent it in to be repaired. I finally got a letter from Coach over the weekend saying that they couldn't repair the bag, so they gave me a store credit for the full price plus tax! I'm pretty happy about that, but I see they also charged my credit card the $20 fee even though they didn't send back my tote. I thought the $20 was a shipping fee, and they wouldn't charge me if they didn't return my bag to me. Has anyone else been charged this fee if you didn't get your bag back?
  2. I think that's pretty standard policy either way. For future reference, if you take your bag to the store to be repaired and ask, usually they'll waive that fee.
  3. "There is a $20 shipping & handling charge for each item submitted for repair."

    I guess it was for handling & not shipping? lol (sorry, couldn't resist).
  4. Yes, they did the same thing to me when I sent in a wristlet for repair. I got a letter for full credit.