Repair Costs - List?

  1. I'm not sure--they look the same size to me---but I got a quote Jun 2 for $200 for each handle! Even the SA thought it was outrageous--but she told me two months ago that my handles were fine and just to replace the zipper pull.
    And I could've sworn it was $165 or something for each handle in April!!!

    The zipper pull (for the MC Speedy) is $125! I've had an ongoing drama with this bag. I sent it in mid-April for a zipper pull and clochette and LV sent it back to the boutique saying they "didn't have authorization" to do the repair. After letting the bag sit in San Dimas (SD on the date code) for a month and a half........:rant:

    They promise me I'll get the bag sometime this week....we'll see! All I know is they better honor April's prices for the repair!!!!
  2. I have a Epi Noe that needs 2 new rivets, have no idea when I lost them grrr but then I have the bag since more than 10yrs. Will call my LV shop this morning and ask. But after reading through this thread I am wee worried at the price...
  3. I took my bag in the LV shop at Topanga. They charged me $300 for piping repair. Takes about 4-8 weeks they said.:rtr::rtr::rtr:
  4. Does anyone know how much it cost to replace handles and piping on a popincourt Haut?
  5. Took the words right out of my mouth! I'm stunned!

    I've got a Speedy I was planning on taking in for handle replacement but I don't think I'm going to put $400 into it.....

    I'm hoping the MC handles are "special" and regular Speedies are less $.
  6. HELLO! and happy Friday all! )

    I'm new here to the forum, and any help re: rules, dos&dont's etc would be most helpful. This is my first post.

    I have some questions, however, I have several speedys, where the leather zipper pull has broken off or there is no zipper at all. Any suggestions on how/where to get it fixed? Are they expensive to fix? I'm watching several speedys online...(a couple of
    30's & 35's) that either the zipper is missing or the leather pull is broken off.

    The other question is how should I go about cleaning the inside/outside of my speedys; and how do I remove musty/moldy smells out of vintage speedys?
  7. Any other items like original receipt or invoices required by LV to repair a bag? Thanks!
  8. They didn't ask but they were happy I still had the original receipt from '06. I guess it proves authenticity.
  9. I just put a recital bag in for repair and no proof of purchase was requested. I bought it pre-loved.
  10. PinayRN and Woodranda, thanks a lot for your reply :smile: I am planning to buy a pre-loved at eBay or somewhere else. Since it is the first time I buy LV other than boutique, I have no idea how necessary the seller still keeps the original receipt. I am just wondering if I will still have the LV repair service on a pre-owned bag. Thanks for your information!
  11. Noticed my Sarah wallet needs reglazing. Again. I've had it for three years, so I think I'll have to pay for repairs this time. The first time it needed reglazing (within 9 months of purchase) it was free. Anyone know how much?

    And while I'm at it... Some time ago I found a loose stitch on my Zippy wallet. That one I bought 13 months ago. I've heard conflicting info about repairs being free within 1 year or 2 years, so anyone know how much to fix stitching on a Zippy in case I also have to pay for this one?


    Edited to add: It will be a few weeks until I can go into a boutique to have them take a look at it. When I've called Customer Service in the past, they told me to bring in the item to have it looked over, so calling again for prices doesnt' really do much good.
  12. The brass on my Ellipse PM has started to chip/turn brown a bit, which the LV store at South Coast Plaza told me happens naturally over time. I was still unhappy and they said they will replace the zipper pulls at no charge to me, I am just without my purse for a bit while they get it fixed... good thing I have other purses to use! I have had my Ellipse PM since 2005, so that's great that they are repairing it for free! :smile:
  13. I'm in NZ (apparently one of the most expensive places in the world for LV!) and I need to get three chads (I think they're called - the little "hook" bits where the handles attach to) repaired. I bought this bag second-hand and it came with a repair report from Japan for the other chad. When I called LV in Auckland here they told me it would be $360 to replace the chads on each side - and $370 to replace the whole leather plate as well. So that means I would be paying $740 to repair a bag that I only paid $480 for! So what do I do? Do I just get someone else to fix it, assuming it will then no longer have a resale value, or do I just use it until it breaks and then it's useless??? Any ideas?
  14. $290 to fix the wrinkled upper leather part of my trevi. said they have to replace BOTH sides though and the zipper? (i guess since it's all connected). that's a lot imo.
  15. I know it's not the same, but the cost to re-glaze a small agenda is $95. I just went to the boutique last week. I assume it will cost that or more to do your wallet.