Repair Costs - List?

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  1. Please help how can I repair this and how much would it cost??

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  2. You’ve posted in a LV thread, maybe you can find the same kind of thread in the Gucci subforum.
  3. I doubt they did - usually they won’t do anything that has anything to do with a canvas repair. If they did, I didn’t notice :smile:
  4. Thank you! I actually did everything by mail for this repair. I mailed it to the store requesting repair and they mailed it back to me with complimentary shipping. Very easy process and no travel on my part (I live almost 2 hours away from their location).

    My last repair I went to the store to drop it off and pick it up but I trusted them with this one. I wouldn’t hesitate to do it again :smile:
  5. Right just realized I posted in the wrong area. lol first time using this
  6. bump
  7. Getting another bag not that one but thanks
  8. What is the cost for leather on a backpack ?
  9. Hi, does anyone know the cost of replacing the vachetta on a Noe in the U.K.
    only the leather that runs around the top of the bag? Thanks
  10. Does anyone know how much is to replace a delightful strap, chaps and top trim?
  11. Does anyone know how much it costs to replace the lining in a neverfull?
  12. Don't think it's possible on a Neverfull. The lining is glued to the canvas, so it can't be replaced.
  13. In Canada - just got quoted $150 CAD to reglaze the straps on a Neverfull MM, or $300 CAD to get both handles replaced.

    I'm going to wait until the handles need replacing on my bag. SA suggested having my bag sent in for an assessment and re-glazing, but a free repair isn't guaranteed and I don't want to have to wait 6-12 weeks for the bag to come back.
  14. Youre lucky they replaced the D ring that’s not attached to the tab! Mine just arrived. $120USD for the leather strap and tab replacement. Good as new!

    They said it’s additional $60USD to have the D ring replaced. TBD on the cost to replace the zipper.


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  15. oh my goodness! that's expensive!
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