Repair Costs - List?

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  1. I have a few cat bites at the end of my same bag. Five minutes or less. What is in this strap that cats love. I didn’t get a new one though cause you can barely see it. How was yours?
  2. Our cats have good taste I guess! It was pretty chewed up by the time I noticed so I had to get it replaced.
  3. How awful. Yes they do have good taste lol
  4. Dogs like leather straps too, I'm afraid! I know from experience.
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  5. I sent my 2007 Alma PM and Pochette Accessoires for Vachetta replacement - $660USD for Alma PM and $120USD for Pochette in NYC + tax. Takes about 6 weeks they said. My SA is replacing my lock + key for free.
  6. Any good ideas on the cost to replace the piping on a Bandouliere 55? And maybe even the two leather bands in the middle on the duffle?
  7. I received a quote yesterday from an SA regarding my Neverfull MM handle replacement, but forgot to ask: is payment required before or after you receive the repaired item? I'm weary of added costs. I will be having it repaired soon because the handles are just about done.
  8. I had my Alma and PA sent for Vachetta replacement. They just gave me the statement order and will pay after I receive the items.
  9. I had my Alma and PA sent for Vachetta replacement. They just gave me the statement order and will pay after I receive the items.
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  10. 6 Key Holder - reglaze $120
  11. My vintage (1998) Pochette Accessoires has returned from repair. New D rings, vachetta tab, and zipper. I wouldn’t have bothered but she was my first LV piece I ever bought (preloved) and I had to keep her going since they appear to have discontinued it. Very happy with the Jacksonville, FL store. I’m certainly not a “high end” customer, but they have treated me like a valued client every single time.

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  12. Would you share how much you paid? It would be helpful to other members.
  13. I’m sorry - totally slipped my mind when I posted :smile:

    $240 though I’ve heard of other locations quoting less so who knows. Took 6 weeks and was completed in Paris. I only did it because this was a sentimental piece for me, but I personally don’t think it’s worth doing (even though I am VERY happy with the outcome). Considering it’s just 2 metal D rings, a zipper, and a small vachetta pull tab, I just don’t think the value is there for the cost when you can buy great condition ones for less than what I have in this now.
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  14. Did they also renew the little canvas area for D rings?
  15. Looks great! I see so many bags that would be beautiful, the problem for me is that we really don’t have a store nearby that I could bring them to.