Repair Costs - List?

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  1. Thank you for the info!
  2. How old is the bag? This is important to know.
  3. Has anyone had the vachetta replaced on an Odeon PM? Mine is my favorite, most used bag, but is looking a little worse for wear after 6 years. Just curious if it’s worth it before I reach out to my CA.
  4. Has anyone had a colored emilie wallet button replaced?
  5. Not yet, but thinking about getting it done soon, have talked to my CA about it a few times. Do you have any questions?
  6. Took my 2003 Sac Shopping in to see if they could replace straps and a small ( literally 1/4 INCH) tear of the canvas which ran underneath one of the straps to be replaced. They refused to accept it. They offered to replace just the 2 straps for a ridiculous $ 760.....This bag was $ 640 in 2003. I'm glad I have kept all of my iconic monogram bags (Almas, Speedys, Papillon, Noe, Montorgueil, Randonnee , Marly , Sac Bosphore, Musette) in tip top shape because today's prices for mono bags and LVs reluctance to repair the basic canvas really hinders me from buying.
  7. Has anyone ever had the Vachetta replaced on the Bosphore backpack? Curious to know if it’s possible and what it might cost? I’m contemplating purchasing one preloved and it has two little parts around the rim of the bag that’s missing Vachetta. It looks like it rubbed of and cracked open.
  8. Just bought a preloved petit noe that is almost 20 yo and noticed a crack on the strap while cleaning her up. The crack wasn't disclose in the description :sad: Any idea what it cost to get a replacement strap? thanks
  9. Do you think that quote was for all the vachetta on the bag? It seems really high for just straps. I'm looking for a sac shopping bag with the intention of full vachetta replacement. I like the longer thicker straps on it compared to the neverfull. I need to see one in person. Any way you could post a mod shot of your bag???

  10. That quote was only for the 2 straps !!! Not including the piping along the bag......yes..outrageously overpriced for just partial strap replacement.
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  11. Does anyone have any idea how much it would cost to replace all the leather on a porte document voyage GM in damier graphite? Or any leather parts of that bag? I’m particularly interested in replacing the piping and handles. Thank you in advance!
  12. I had my PDV Macassar re-piped a couple of years ago but my SA gifted me the repair. So I can’t help you with price! But it was well worth it! The bag looked new!
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  13. I love this bag, and I definitely want to breathe new life into it. Maybe I’ll bring my SA a coffee and sweet talk a bit to see if I can get the same result you did!
  14. Looks like they are being consistent for now on zipper replacement. I'm currently getting my zipper replaced on a Trousse 18, price was quoted as $180 at South Coast Plaza, Costa Mesa LV, May 2019.

    BTW, price doubled since the last zipper I got replaced, which was on a Speedy 3 years ago at Newport Beach LV inside Neiman Marcus.
  15. My replacement Speedy Bandouliere strap in Damier Ebene cost $240 + tax. Special thanks to my cat that chewed it up while I turned away for 5 mins!
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