Repair Costs - List?

  1. I think it would be really helpful if we could compile a somewhat general list of repair cost (ranges) as a reference for the forum :yes:- I spent about 1.5 hours searching the whole forum (with no answer)!

    Does anyone know the repair costs for an agenda - the botton ring part came off the cover!:wtf:


  2. My SA told me repairs are free for the first 2 years. My 3 year old french wallet popped a stitch and has to be resewn, but I don't know the cost. Anyone?
  3. Think you have to call your store. Cost should vary depending on the parts that are needed to change.
  4. Some repairs can still be free of charge if under warranty. It's best to just contact the LV store directly to see how much a repair may cost depending on the circumstances....

    The leather top strip of my Petit Noe was replaced by LV under warranty. I had only had the Petit Noe for about 13 months when the leather strip cracked in several places. I brought the Petit Noe to my SA and she said the repair would be covered under warranty. I got the bag back after less than 4 weeks and LV had completely replaced the leather strip at the top of the bag. It's lighter of course than the rest of the vachetta leather on my Petit Noe, but actually, the rest of the leather is not that dark after only 13 months, so I think the new leather strip will catch up in color soon.
  5. In January 2008 it cost $135 (plus tax) to replace the handles on my Epi Alma. The reason for the replacement was that the leather on the handles were peeling and since the bag was more than one year old, I was responsible for the cost of repair.

    Sorry don't know the answer to your query.
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  6. It's best to just contact your SA at your local Louis Vuitton boutique. Since the damage and repairs can vary, there is no "set" price list for repairs( X with a broken zipper costs Y to repair) It just depends on the bag, age, if it's a SO, and if it's a LE. I would just take it in and ask. The worst they'll say is it'll cost A to repair, or they'll say it's covered under warranty. Which ring are you referring to? Could you post a picture? If it's the inside "3-Ring" thing, then it might have to be completely re-sewn(which can be expensive), If it's something small(like one of the snaps or rivets) they might just do it for free. It all depends.

    But if you post a picture of the damage, I/We can give you a better assessment of what will happen.:smile:
  7. Hi I have a problem with my speedy damier 30 one of the rivets/ snap came out. I went to the LV store here in the Philippines they are charging me P5,000.00 (around $100) for the replacement of the single rivet. Is that really expensive..more expensive than the lock and key? Would you know how much is it in your country?
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  8. Hi.. may i know how long does LV warranty cover you for? i bought my bag in 2007, less than 2 yrs.. i want to replace the gold LV inventor plate..

    i bought it to LV boutique at they quoted me SGD$110.. :'( By the way, can this be claimed under warranty? As this bag was just bought in 2007.....
  9. That price is pretty ridiculous, I have a zipper tab replaced on a monogram pochette ( I wasn't the original owner) and they did it for free. You might want to try checking out another store.;)
  10. LV charged me $35 to replace a zipper pull on my large looping (the old one was worn thin, so it kept sliding off. I almost lost it twice, so decided to have it replaced). They only charged me $90 to replace the entire zipper and zipper pull on my luco! I now need to have my handles replaced for my epi sablon because the underside sustained some peeling/discoloration but it is not that obvious yet. I am extra careful now not to wear my epi on my arm during summer. I am not sure if I want to have the handles replaced because it costs some money. P_B said it cost her $135 to have her epi alma handles replaced in 2008. I wonder how much it would cost now. Does anyone know? Thanks!
  11. Is it just me or does it seem like the price for repairs varies from store to store, SA to SA?
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  12. Also, any time I have called for a repair quote, they REFUSE to tell you over the phone even a "general" price. They tell you that you HAVE to bring in the item for a annoying. Especially if it is a simple question like how much it is to replace lining or something.
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  13. I think so and it is really annoying!
  14. I called the lV store that replaced the zipper tab for my looping to see if they can replace the rolled handles of my epi sablon, which is now about 6 years old (peeling, discoloration on the underside of the handles). They estimated anywhere from $80 to $350!!! Although for my model (2004), they said probably it will cost about $200. There is absolutely nothing wrong with my purse except for the underside of the handles. They got damaged probably from me wearing it on my arm in the summer time and sweat damaged it! LV does not know their leather the same way as Coach or Chanel (and I have both brands and love them). LV is the best with canvas products only. I think I will try another LV boutique tomorrow to see if they will quote me the same.
  15. I wanted to get my Monogram Noe vachetta replaced but it would cost $700! Outrageous! Forget that. I also bought a new strap for my monogram pouchette; that cost $70.