Repair and e-mail

  1. As some of you know, I sent in my petite bucket to the LV boutique so they can send it off and repair it. I called this afternoon to ask if it arrived at their place (just to make sure it arrived safely), and the SA said yes. I thought for a little bit, called back again, and asked when I would receive an estimate for the repairs. He told me that he has to wait for an e-mail (from LV) that would give him the cost, and then he would call me back. I thought I would get a quote right away. Am I being pushed off to the side, or is this normal for some repairs (I realize that my lining was pretty bad)?
  2. don't worry bernz84! you are not being pushed aside. i think your SA is just trying to confirm with the technical center to give you a more accurate quote. i emailed today about restoration service and someone emailed me back. here's what she said:

    "All of our Louis Vuitton stores offer repair services and our staff
    would be delighted to assist you. Please note that repairs can only be
    processed by our own repair center. As we apply the same quality
    standards in our repairs as for our production, we are unable to provide
    an estimate without first assessing your product. Our trained staff,
    and if necessary with the help of our technical center, will be able to
    give you the best advice and the related cost for the repair to be done.
    The full list of our stores is available on our web site in the "Store" section.

    If you are unable to take your product to a Louis Vuitton boutique, you
    may wish to send your item by mail. Please be sure to enclose a note
    with your product that details what area needs attention or reparation.
    It is important that you include your full contact information, as the
    boutique will need to reach you via telephone with an assessment before
    proceeding with any possible repair work. For the protection of your
    property while it is in transit to the boutique, please insure the item
    for its full value and request a tracking number for the package."
  3. Thank God! And thank *you* for letting me know, sma11cat! :smile:
  4. It takes LV 6-8 weeks to do a repair. If you want an estimate first, expect that it will take longer.
  5. no problem bernz84! glad i could help. ;)
  6. Hi
    I have a question.
    I took my petite bucket to LV store here in Dallas on May 27, and I got an estimated on the cost.
    Which I was okay with ($200). The lady there told me my bag would be back by July 2 with a rush requested. Normally takes 6-8 weeks.

    The problem is I was very straight forward and upfront about what I wanted done..
    the inside linning and pockets needed to be re-lined. BUT I didnt want new binding done, because the color change this LV rep reasurred me that, if that wasn't possible she would call me and let me know and they would put leather conditioner to turn the binding if it had to be changed... I called to the check if it was back and It is.

    I asked the guy who answered my call if the binding was the same color and he said NO and I approved.
    O hell no I didnt, its even stated on my estimate paper and the rep that i dealt with is not in today so i will wait until tomrrow to go get and talk her about why my bag is not as I expected .

    I'm so mad, What can I do about the color and the mistake that is clearly the fault of the LV rep.
  7. It took a month for the repair shop/boutique to get back to me with a quote. It then took about 3 more weeks to make the repair and have it back safely in my hands. I dropped the bag off around May 15th and just got it back last Monday, July 13th.