"renting" designer handbags

  1. Hi everyone! I'm writing an article about the trend of renting designer handbags for a monthly fee from sites like bagborroworsteal.com

    Since you are all designer-purse enthusiasts, I'd love to hear some opinions on the trend...do you love it? Hate it? Do you think it's "stealing" from the designer since the customer never actually pays the full price on the bag to the designer?

    Any opinions you have, I would love to hear. Just send me a message here, or better yet, email me at DV436@NYU.EDU

  2. I checked it out & it was more expensive than I expected (membership fees+ rental on the bags). I'd rather save the money & buy my own.
  3. I much prefer to buy my bags. It looks good, but by the time you pay all fees, it is not such a good deal.
    I'd rather save up and make the bag all mine!
  4. I would rather buy the purse too. I want my purses to be in my closet and for me to use anytime I want to. Besides, if I'm going to own a designer purse I would rather it be brand new when I get it than use one someone else has used before me.
  5. renting a handbag. I'd rather buy my own.
  6. It is not worth it. Between membership fees, shipping and all you get a used bag to borrow for a limited time. I would just same up for my own bag
  7. i feel the same, for the price i could just buy a bag.
  8. I agree. For the expense you may as well save and buy your own. God knows what other gals may do with their handbags. (ie. treat them badly, pets doing dirty on them, etc)

    I think that the only benefit would be if you wanted to try a very expensive bag out to see if you really like it enough to spend $$ on it. Even then though, it seems like a hassel.
  9. The main reason why I wouldn't rent a bag is b/c you don't know who carried it, what's been in it, and where it has been. I always like buying new bags, or a bag from someone that I trust took care of it well.
    Also, like mentioned, with the cost of it all, I'd just go buy a new one.
  10. I think the cocnept is crap. It's just a way to take advantage of peop;le who think they are going to get something for a small period of time for a smaller cost, than the real thing.
  11. I would wonder where it had been, too. I'd definitely just save up and buy my own.
  12. I think there used to be a thread about this a while ago. Not many of us purse addicts/collectors here actually like the idea. I, for one, can't really part with my bag and it's really something very personal so I don't really think I'm ok with using a "public bag"... lol :P Anyway, there are some people who see this as a great way to try out some bags before actually purchasing one to avoid some impulsive buys. Hope this info helps. ;)
  13. I agree, I look into this a few years, when it first started. It is not a good deal. Most bags could be purchased in 3 -4 months, at the rental fees.
  14. I'd rather buy my own bag too.:heart:
  15. I recall someone here did the math and figured out that you would be paying like $250 a month in rental fees to rent the really high-end bags from Bag, Borrow, or Steal. If you set aside $250 a month for a few months, you could own a brand spankin' new bag.