RENTING CLs from ebay ??????

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  1. I saw that yesterday. Very odd and a bit fishy.
  2. I suppose you can also rent foot fungus and athlete's foot.:wtf:
  3. ^ LOL that is funny!!
  4. hmmm....that's odd
  5. I have an aversion to used shoes, so this would not be an option for me. I'd rather go without and substitute a non-designer shoe than rent them.
  6. really strange!
  7. I saw that also. I'm not 100% sure how that is going to work or what eBay would say if the winning bidder kept them. I'm betting the first couple of people bid thinking that it was to own them, not rent.

    With the eBay and PayPal fees though, it seems really silly to use those two to "rent" anything out for $50/week as the fees will take a good chunk of that.
  8. I saw that yesterday and couldn't believe people were bidding!
  9. Agree.. I also think this is very wierd, I mean you bid so you can rent them and pay to rent them as well, oh and dont forget the 599 dlls deposit.. too fishy.
  10. Very strange. I guess they were thinking people rent purses through bag, borrow or steal, but ick.
  11. This whole idea reminds me of renting bowling shoes. lol
  12. ^^LOL! This is a pretty bad idea but people are bidding so looks like someone is interested.
  13. OMG, the bids are up to $150 and you still have to pay $49/week to rent the shoes! For $200 you could still buy a nice pair of shoes. What a waste of money. And think about the foot odor! Eewwwwwww.
  14. Funniest thing is that the reserve price is still not met! lol
    You might as well find the same style on ebay...after a week of renting the shoes it will come out the same as buying them.