renting a house for vacations anyone do it?

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  1. i would love to rent a house for our disney world vacation anyone ever do it we are thinking of going at christmas or summer not sure when . whats the good whats the bad .
  2. never rented a house but, have rented condos for vacations numerous times. (it's just the boy and i) i much prefer it because of the amenities and space that you have versus a hotel. you also have more flexibility of making your own food which is important for me, especially for longer trips. i love eating out, but it's not really the best idea to eat all three meals out, every single day for 14 days, kwim?

    i think if i had kids or a big family, renting a house is a good way to go. kids can feel too cooped up in a hotel room (even if it's a suite.)
  3. I've never rented a house but I rent apartments when I go to Europe and it's always worked out great for me. I started doing that because when my friend and I went to France most hotels wanted at least one adult (we were both 17 at the time and traveling just us) so I got a flat instead and haven't looked back since. You get a great sense of the city that way and get a lot more space for you money, I definitely recommend it
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    I've rented houses in ski resort areas (Park City, Vail) and have had excellent experiences. I use (vacation rentals by owner) as a resource to find good rentals.

    Good luck!
  5. is GREAT!
  6. I use I think they have some US rentals but it's mainly Europe